January 24, 2011

Underage Prostitution through Facebook in Indonesia

Cet article est la reproduction d'un article paru sur Multibrand, de H. Nizan, blogger Indonesien, que j'apparente a Jean-Marc Manhack

Actuellement, l'Indonesie est en proie a une crise aigue de chasse a la pornographie sur Internet. Plusieur fois, le ministre en charge des communications a demande a la censure des sites a contenues pornographiques. Dernierement, c'est Blackberry a qui il a ete demande de limiter la pornographie.

Dans cette article du Jakarta Post, il s'agit d'une affaire de pedophilie qui c'est developpe via le reseau Facebook.


Facebook is the most popular online social networking media in Indonesia, that many people have been using this site to advertise their products and/or services. This is obvious because according to Facebook, advertisements could reach over 500 million people who connect and share through this networking media. But unfortunately, Facebook's popularity has also been used by some people to do indecent things, such as prostitution.
Please find below an article about this that I have quoted from The Jakarta Post.

I hope that parents would show more care and attention on their children especially in browsing the internet including Facebook.
I also hope that Facebook's management would make efforts to prevent it's members from using their account for prostitution otherwise they would be facing problems with the information and communication authority here.

Woman arrested for running prostitution ring through Facebook
Jakarta police arrested a woman suspected of running a prostitution business involving seven junior high school girls through Facebook, a police official said on Wednesday. 

Central Jakarta police detective chief Adj.Sr.Com. Yoyon Toni Saputra said that Dede, 28, who was arrested on Monday, had allegedly committed the crimes for two years, kompas.com reported. 

The suspect, a resident of Manggarai, South Jakarta, allegedly recruited his neighbors to become prostitutes. The suspect allegedly used Facebook to solicit the girls, aged between 13 and 16 years old, at the price of Rp 2 million (US$222) each, sending them to meeting places as required by the buyers once the deals were made, according to Yoyon.

Yoyon said the case was discovered after a teacher checked the Facebook account of a student who was a classmate of one of the girls. The teacher told the girl’s father about what he found, and the father reported it to the police. 

The father said his daughter had changed in the past few months.
“She used to greet us before going to school, but now she never does. She is rebellious and often returns home late at night,” he said, adding that everyday he gave her Rp 20,000 for pocket money.

On Tuesday the police also arrested one of Dede’s alleged customers, Alay, 50, in his room at Puri Kemayoran Apartment, Central Jakarta. He was arrested soon after a girl sent by Dede entered his room.

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