February 21, 2010

French ENS is on the air

My bookmark are full of wikipedia and other detail article of science, knowledge, history. For a while, french university wasn't aware of the lack of services about it. But recently, the french leading university ENS of Paris reales a bunch of audio podcast about a lot of different subjects such as: cinema, politics, geography, mathematics, history, history of art, music... And it's everything but not boring!!!
I use to go for those from Harvard, Berkley and others, but finally with one in french, for me, that's enough.

February 10, 2010

it's a pesto week

i've been warned! the closer it gets to the tet (chinese new year)
the harder it gets to stock up on food,
as the next week most shop will be closed -just like x'mas-

Today, 3 days before the tet, i braced myself and went to a nearby supermarket, witnessed the shopping war where people shout and trip on each other,
3 minutes later, i was already on d way out for my dear life (and eardrums)
defeated but alive.

Not willing to go back empty handed,
I walked down to the farmers market (a code red area-lazy to haggle issue)
and grabbed 2 huge bunch of basil, that's it.

Within an hour a BIG jar of green pesto will assure our survival.
we might turn a bit greenish after but not starved.

How to survive tet
day1. pesto with spaghetti

day2. pesto with potatoes

day3. pesto with bread

day4. pesto with ...
.... aw, u get the idea

February 5, 2010

dear PC - Rest In Peace

i never though that the PC was totally agree with my opinion about the wet n damp weather, it even showed its disagreement with a period of short demonstration by refusing to start up...untill one day, it shows no more sign of life. Really, its not that we've been neglecting its call for help, we did anything we could, from storing it inside the cabinet, using hair dryer and dry it in front of our space heater ... might not be the right thing to deal with the real problem but who knows, still a good try although at the end of the day .. we just have to accept that our PC laptop is now dead