January 7, 2010

early this morning i went to a nearby police station and tried to apply for an SKKB (Statement of Police Reports). I was warmly greeted by a gray-haired policeman whom in additional of his warm welcome also gave me an unexpected compliment on my super-girly-cute scooters.

as many indonesian, i distrust the police forces, a result from years of living under the suppression of soeharto's regime with its corruption in every aspect of its governmental bodies.

so i was touched by this warm greet and naively though that maybe, maybe time has changes and KPK (Anti Corruption Commission) has done an extremely good job on restructuring and cleaning up the system.

After 5 minutes in conversation with the guy, having him answered my basic question of this statement letter, I finally get into the "how to apply" question, which was answered with a troubled face , uncertain mumble and a full-confession that having so many years working in the force, he has lost track of the changing regulation of SKKB application. He is as clueless as i am and can only gave me some uncertain hints which involve in obtaining a statement from the RT (neigbourhood chief), RW (residential chief) and another one from kelurahan (village chief) before proceeding to the police central bureau. whoooa, with un-professionality in every department, imagine the hassle I'll have ...

then, I spent another 15 minutes dodging from his "enveloped service" offers, another 10 minutes to listen politely of his others special-fast-no fuss-enveloped services and another 10 minutes convincing him that i don't need to listen to his justification of why "enveloped services" are acceptable.

slightly confused, i drove to my office and check on the SKKB issues on the internet. There, I discover the answer ... SKKB doesn't exist anymore, the government has re-christened its name to SKCK (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian) and to top it all, they also change the application process, which means, those 40 minutes spent earlier today, is as fruitless as a transvestite's womb.

now, ask me, how can i still have faith in Indonesia?

I just can .. it's a principal.

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  1. maybe size does matter ^^

    super-girly-scooter was a mistake :p